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When it comes to commercial agriculture and horticulture production, proper grow lighting is one of the most important factors in maximizing plant and crop yields. As each cultivation facility has its own unique attributes, designs, processes, and plants being grown, so will there needs for a specific type of commercial grow lighting system. Due to the evolving variety of grower facilities, RF Agriculture and the team of affiliates now offers professional onsite consulting, design, and system installation to help you with the implementation of a state of the art and completely automated grow lighting system.

Our team of vendor partners provide LED, HPS, MH, and fluorescent lighting set up consultations to aid in assessing the projects environmental variables, measurements, design and system selection, installation, final configuration, and everything lighting in between. Our specialized grow light system experts will aid in all questions and concerns as to fully optimize crop yields and maximize profits within the grower’s facility.


Over the past several years, grow lighting technology has made “leaps and bounds” in terms of substantial technological advancements. With these advancements, it is important to understand all the components of the “soon to be installed” state of the art grow lighting system within each unique cultivation facility’s needs and specifications. These installations of improved lighting systems introduce a grower to new technologies that are typically integrate with automated CEA grow systems, commonly found in newer next gen commercial horticulture facilities. With the vast amount of commercial grow op variables and differences, considerations and metrics need to be analyzed and measured to determine the perfect grow lighting solution. It is the attention to all of the details that will make all of the difference in maximizing harvest yields and business profits.


Our highly experienced staff have the diverse knowledge and industry backgrounds for commercial agricultural construction and production, literally giving you the key insights and recommendations that your commercial agricultural facility needs to “hit the ground running”. Our expertise in the industry can assist you in the design, installation, and optimization of your lighting system, as well as, keeping you up to date operational capabilities of your state of the art grow lighting systems. Traditionally, the world has always relied on the sun for its energy and lighting for sustainable plant and crop growth. However, this sun’s source has always given mixed results that are not always consistent with each type of plant’s life cycle. Our network of affiliates offers advanced lighting technology ranging from LED’s, HPS, MH/CMH, and fluorescent grow light systems, that provide the consistent lighting plants need to thrive and grow. We provide automated grow lighting options for different plant stages, include: germination, clone, veg, grow, bloom, and peak harvest.


Most of our automated commercial grow lighting systems can also be used with a wide variety of grow light reflectors in order to maximize grow light output, efficiency, uniformity, disbursement, penetration, and savings in energy costs. Our grow lighting specialists have worked within the agricultural, horticulture, CEA, hydroponic, and cultivator production industry and are extremely passionate about their finished projects as well as their reputations. At RF Agriculture, we offer a vast amount of information when it comes to optimizing grow lighting applications and systems, varied grow light system designing, custom structure layouts that are tied directly to individual plant/crop needs, complete facility requirements, environments, automation, and plant/crop specific cultivation best practices. Next Gen Grow Lighting System Design, Installation, and Automation Services for Optimal Plant and Crop Health and Maximum Yields! Contact RF Agriculture Today to Get Started on Your Custom Designed Advanced Automated Commercial Grow Light Systems for Commercial Greenhouses, Indoor Farms, Vertical Farms, CEA and Hydroponic Cultivation Facilities, and In-Field Agriculture Farming Operations!

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Call Today: 310-967-2022

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